«VITAFOREST» — is a Wonderful Chaga Tea

The birch chaga tea is a unique combination of vitamins, antioxidants and saturated natural taste

  • Excellent antioxidant.
    The chaga tea has excellent rejuvenating, refreshing and healing properties, due to its large amount of melanin contained in the birch mushroom.
  • Caffeine free.
    The chaga drink does not contain caffeine, which negatively affects the human nervous system. On the contrary, the systematic use of chaga tea will improve the nervous system activity thanks to the large amount of manganese contained in the mushroom.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
    The herbal chaga tea stabilizes metabolism, strengthens the immune system and protects the human body against harmful environmental influences.
  • Unique recipe.
    Chaga tea is an effective combination of innovative technologies, traditional recipes and environment-friendly ingredients.
  • Fighting against cancer.
    The chaga tea restores the protective mechanisms of the body to resist cancerous tumors and enhances the efficiency of anti-cancer drugs.
  • Healing composition.
    Vitamins, alkaloids, enzymes, organic acids, pectin and other biologically active substances are excessively contained in the chaga tea.

How to prepare: put one sachet per person in a teapot or in a cup. Them pour hot water not higher than 70° C and infuse it for 5-7 minutes. The «VITAFOREST» tea is a wonderful drink that quenches your thirst and acts as an effective medicinal decoction.

We understand very well that only natural products may deliver real pleasure to lovers of natural gifts. The tea made of birch chaga can be extremely tasty and healthy if created in harmony with the nature. During the herbal tea manufacture, we use only high quality raw materials collected in the regions of Siberia and the Urals with exceptional clean environment.

The innovative technologies for collecting raw materials and further manufacture enable us to save the useful properties of Chaga without any loss of quality or taste properties. The saturated natural flavor of the birch chaga will bring a touch of variety to your daily diet!

Hurry up and order the chaga tea at affordable prices! A wide product range will surprise any lover of natural medicinal sources. If you want to buy Chaga tea in large quantities for further distribution, our company will be glad to offer you the most convenient and favorable terms for cooperation.